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Cultural Exchange Programs opportunities provide a chance to explore other
culture, Understand different traditions, Societies Languages. Participating in
a Culture Exchange Programs will make one see the world with a different
view. Such experience provides alternative perspectives. It broadens one’s
horizon and increases the tendency of acceptance.

Why Asia?

Vibrant Cultures

Composed of countries with rich historical backgrounds, every corner of Asia offers an interesting part of the culture (e.g.Architecture, cuisines, and traditional Festivals).

Asian & Arabic Hospitality

The people of Asia are known to be the friendliest and warmest in the world and the Middle East is known to be one of the best hospitality service providers globally.

Hospitality Opportunities

The strong tourism industry in these regions provide international students and graduates with numerous career options. The continuous expansion of hospitality establishments bring great opportunities for hospitality professions.

Authentic Cuisine

With its wide array of spices, herbs, seafood, and indigenous cooking styles, Asia offers authentic, Flavorful Eastern and Middle Eastern Dishes.

Program Destinations

Our Educational Travel Experience and Culture Exchange Program opportunities are arranged in some of the most coveted destinations in Asia and the Middle East! Our partner Host Organizations, located in the countries where we offer placement opportunities in, are consistently on the lookout for talented young professionals who are eager to be part of a professional international training experience.


Strategically located at the crossroads of East and West, This Arabian country offers adventures for all in tourism, Culture, sports & business. Work and travel at the same time in the Middle East!


An unforgettable experience in Thailand! Thailand has become one of the major tourist destinations in the world. The demand for personnel in hotels Is growing exponentially. Participants will be able to be a part of this growing and competitive industry.


The UAE is a federation of 7 emirates. Hailing the title of one of the most developed economies in the Arabian Gulf, they are known for their iconic skyscrapers, Man- Made islands, and modern infrastructure. Opportunities await those interested in the dynamic Emirates such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, and more!

The Maldives

Experience paradise in the Maldives! Unrivalled luxury, stunning beaches, Crystal clear water & amazing marine wildlife. Make the Maldives a choice for the experience of a lifetime – perfect for those looking for luxurious hospitality programs.


Experience the uniqueness of Vietnam! A land of staggering natural beauty and cultural complexities, dynamic megacities, and hill–tribe villages, Vietnam is both exotic and compelling. A perfect paradise for international tourists!


Malaysia has dynamic cities, delicious food, beautiful beaches, idyllic islands & national parks with stunning rainforests. Expects a global hospitality experience while immersing yourself in distinctive culture.

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