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Why Study In New Zealand

Study in New Zealand consultant in Mumbai, India. New Zealand enjoys a global reputation as one of the friendliest and most happening countries in the world, offering world-class quality education in New Zealand at affordable costs. The cosmopolitan character of its city life and the clean, green picturesque landscapes of its countryside is sure to enchant one and all.

• World’s most recognized education system.
• Perfect balance in theoretical and practical modules focused on industry centric training.
• Qualifications widely recognized and respected internationally.
• Cost of education is cheaper.
• Fee payment only on visa approval.
• Cost effective industry endorsed programs for engineers.
• Hospitality programs with paid internships.
• Skill shortage across various sectors therefore high demand for fresh graduates.
• Temperate climate with pleasant seasonal changes conducive for study and recreation.
• Large numbers of Indians has migrated in the last 10 years and have been successful.
• High Student Visas as compared to countries like the US.
• Work permit for Spouse


• Diploma Courses range from NZ$13,500 – NZ$16,000 per year depending on the course
• Universities Degree range from NZ$15,000 – NZ$18,000 per year for most under-graduate degrees
• Post-graduate Degrees begin from NZ$16,000 per year and MBA Degrees are about NZ$22,000
*Tuition fees vary depending on the institution and the study programme
The country offers numerous options for international students.
Generally, a bachelor’s degree takes three years but if you are planning to do an honors course, it will take 4 years of study. However, this rule is not universally applicable to all universities. Hence, it is advisable to check with the university you are planning to apply for foreign study in New Zealand.
Undergraduate Courses
• Diploma
• Graduate Certificate
• Bachelor’s Degree
• Bachelor’s Degree with Honors

Post Graduate Courses
• Post Graduate Diploma
• Post Graduate Certificate
• Masters Degree
• Doctorates

Cost of living

The average living expenses in New Zealand are approximately NZ$1,000 – NZ$1,200 per month. This includes expenses for house rent, electricity, phone, cable, food and local travel.

During study & Internships / Vacation: A student can work 20 hours a week during study & unlimited hours during internships / vacation and can expect to earn $20/hour.
After completion of course: After successfully completing your course, you get open work visa for 1-3 years as described after each course level, allowing a student to work for unlimited hours with multiple employers. No job offer is required for this work visa. Once you get a skilled job related to your field of study, you can apply for Permanent Residency (PR).
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