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The best opportunity to study in USA with Top Universities. To know more details about Universities, Eligibility and Scholarship contact Global Educonnects.

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Why Study In USA?

Study in USA with accredited universities with the more than 5000 universities offering various courses such as Bachelor’s / Masters , Phd’s and associates degree . Studying in the USA for Indian students has continued to be an attractive perspective, this can be attributed to the quality education, cutting edge technology, work opportunities, excellent funding options, and flexible curriculum. Today about 30 percent of all current international students in the world are studying in the United States.

Have you ever wondered what makes U.S. higher education so popular in the world?

  • High-quality education
  • Wide range of programs and courses
  • Flexible and comprehensive course structure
  • Multiple scholarships and funding opportunities
  • The international experience that strengthens your CV
  • Research and Training opportunities
  • Make your stay comfortable with a part-time job opportunities
  • Vibrant campus life
  • Career Opportunities


US universities offer various kinds of degrees catering to every student’s needs and interests. Students can study at any of the following levels to earn the following degrees.

  • Associate Degree (AA& AS)
  • Bachelor’s Degree (BS, BA)
  • ESL Programs
  • Master’s Degree 
  • Doctorate Degrees


Age: 17 years onwards
GRE GMAT is not mandatory.
SAT is not required but recommended for maximum scholarship and most competitive schools.

Cost of Education in USA

The cost of education in the USA depends on the study level i.e. Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. The cost also varies according to the type of institution, i.e., public or private. The Associate degree tuition fees range from $5000- to $ 10000, Bachelor’s degree tuition fees can range from $8000 to $55000 per year whereas the Master’s degree fee can range from $6000 to $30,000 per year. International students can get financial aid and institutional grants based on excellent academic and standardized test scores, thus lowering their cost of education in the US.


After completion of your course, you have the option to work by engaging in the practical training program. Practical training can provide you with valuable work experience by sharpening and adding to the skills learned. You get Optional Practical Training (OPT) for 12 months for non-STEM + 24 months OPT extension for the STEM degree holder. (STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics).

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