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Why Study In Canada?

Study in Canada Consultant in Mumbai, India. Canada is one of the most preferred destinations for international students for exceptional quality of education and the best quality of life. Universities of Canada rank high in the list of the world’s best universities, which offers internationally acclaimed education revered by the whole world. Vibrant cities, better career prospects, scenic beauty, multicultural diversity, and amazing quality of life are the reasons why a massive number of international students flock to Canada for higher education every year.

Education in Canada

Canada not only offers a great educational experience that will offer you a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience but it’s an investment that you make for your future. Canada is the most popular country in the world and has a diverse population of international students. The annual fees may vary from the programs and universities you chose, anywhere between an average of C$ 16000 for undergraduates to C$ 17000 for postgraduates. 

  • Affordable course fees and living cost
  • World-class education
  • Work opportunities while studying
  • Vibrant cities, scenic beauty, and quality of life
  • Abundant research opportunities
  • Immigration benefits
  • Safety and peace 
  • Welcoming people and cultural diversity

Some of the best programs to study in Canada

  • Diploma/ Bachelors for undergraduates
  • PG diploma for graduates
  • Masters/MBA


  • Scholarships 
  • Skill development
  • A multicultural country
  • Canada’s quality of life
  • Excellent health care with low cost
  • After completing a one-year course, a student can get a 1-year work visa and after doing a 2-year course, a student can get a 3-year visa. This is an open work visa, allowing a student to work for unlimited hours with multiple employers.
  • Nojobofferisrequiredforthiswork visa. While you are on a work visa, you can become eligible to apply for PR.
  • After doing a 2-year course and 1 year of work, a student can apply for a Permanent Residency.

The average Canadian salary in 2020-21 was $1,050.59 per week for employees across the country – which means that the annual average salary for full-time employees is just over $54,630 per year. The salary trend is positive, and the majority of Canadian workers are earning more than they did in the previous year.

Cost of living

This includes expenses for house rent, electricity, phone, cable, food, and local travel per month.

1 person: $1000
2 persons: $1500
3 persons: $1800
4 persons: $2100

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