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Teach in USA program

Teach the USA is a cultural exchange program. Thanks to this life-changing program, you will dive into American lifestyle and education practices. You will learn and share new teaching skills that will help you be a more successful teacher when you return to your country after the program.

Who is eligible?

You must satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria given below to participate in Teach USA program.
• Education qualification equivalent to a USA bachelor’s degree
• Two years of full-time teaching experience as a primary or secondary school teacher
• Advanced proficiency in oral and written English
• Credential evaluation from an approved USA agency

Teach USA Program is offered to applicants who are interested in gaining teaching experience in the USA Major Fields

• Education for Kids with Special Needs
• Classroom teaching for grades kindergarten through 12 (No pre-K)
• Primary school
• Maths
• Science
• World languages (including ESL)
• Special education
• Art
• Music

Program Duration

The program can last from one to three years. Monthly Income The teacher’s income will be $38.000
USD or higher on yearly basis, depending on the contract offered by the hiring school. Generally,
weekly hours are approximately 40 hours per week.


Usually, the school provides housing options at the participant’s expense

Health Insurance

Health insurance for the participant is provided as a part of the program and as a requirement of the
U.S. Government regulations for the program duration.

Our Services

• Professional support to match best teachers and schools
• Legal Assistance through J1 Visa Sponsorship and the Visa Process
• Travel Assistance to the USA and Local Community
• Home country and arrival orientations
• 24/7 Emergency support
• Housing Assistance
• Banking Assistance
• Daily Transportation Planning
• Health Insurance Aid
• Guidance to get the U.S. Teaching License
• Ongoing support for Professional Development

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