Popular courses in the UK

What is the student retention rate in the UK? Well! It is 82%. Because of quality education and superior courses, the UK has become a favourite country for higher education. This country contains 17 top 100 universities, and students from all across the globe come to gain education in this country.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular courses in the UK.

Business Management

Many companies demand business management professionals in their organizations, which is why this course is gaining popularity. In all sectors, management professionals are required; hence, after this course, students can enjoy a high scope of employment. You can handle any team size through management skills, from small to large. Hence practically, such skills are required in all the company profiles.

Business management contains various specializations like marketing, finance, supply chain, human resources etc.

Engineering and Technology

Engineering is considered the most prestigious degree globally; thus, it has a high demand. British Council UK has earned the fifth position in innovation; it is a perfect place for you to undergo an engineering degree to shape your skills. Do you know that three top ten engineering universities are present in the UK? It adds another reason for students to pursue engineering and technology courses in the UK. These universities can give the students a firm understanding of the basics and practical skills they can apply in their job. Also, an engineering degree from the UK has a shorter duration as compared to other countries, which implies you can enter the real corporate world sooner than others.


As a medical research leader, the UK is one of the top places for medicine and healthcare studies. Medical schools in the UK provide superior-quality programs to students. They also provide high employability to students so they can make their careers internationally in the UK.

Students who have opted for medical studies in the UK will get exposure to various industrial insights and practical knowledge. Also, their curriculum will contain patient contact and internship to prepare them for the future. Students also get help from NHS experts during their placements. Medical schools in the UK offer various programs to students like dental, psychology, pharmacy, physiotherapy, pathology and anesthetics.


Three out of the top 10 universities for law are present in the UK. Hence the UK is the home of globally recognized law courses, and pursuing law courses from such reputed universities will open the door to lucrative jobs for you. Law graduates can apply in many countries like Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. Also, law courses in the UK offer a wide array of specializations to become a barrister’s clerk, conveyance, barrister, corporate lawyer, judge etc. These courses emphasize on basic skills required to put your step in a law career.

Media and Communication

This course has gained popularity in the coming times. Communication studies in the UK provide various courses to students, including political science, cultural studies, sociology, history and languages. In mass communication courses, students can study people, take their interviews and write about them. These courses give a multicultural environment to students, allowing them to get exposed to different communities and know about various happenings of the world.


With a good education record, the UK is one of the popular countries for global students to pursue a degree of choice. Quality education, experienced faculty and the culturally-rich life of the UK have made it a good option for students to study in this country. If you are planning to go to the UK for further studies, you can also consult international education experts to know the entire admission process.

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